Importing goods into the United States require the experience and knowledge of a licensed Customs Brokerage company to navigate the complex rules and regulations of US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION.


Our knowledgeable staff is here to see that your tariffs are properly calculated and promptly transmitted to U.S. Customs regardless of port or mode of entry.


Whether you are dealing with the FDA, or are filing a duty drawback claim, we have the ability to decipher complicated importing regulations. We strive to inform and educate our customers about current customs regulations and procedures. We utilize our capabilities and state of the art technology to achieve your goals.


You can rely on Powerhouse for all of your U.S. Customs Brokerage needs.


Founded by Leo Bertrand, Powerhouse customs Brokerage, Inc. has been serving the import business community since 1996.  


Our clients receive exceptional service and personal attention. 

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                    Powerhouse Customs Brokerage is C-TPAT Certified

                    (Customs- Trade Partnership against Terrorism)


                    According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the benefits of participating in

                    C-TPAT include:

                    -Playing an active role in the war against terrorism

                    -A reduced number of CBP inspections.

                    -Priority processing for CBP inspections.


                   U.S. Customs and Border Protection have proposed certain benefits to its

                   C-TPAT partners including Powerhouse; they are

                    -Reduced Customs inspections

                    -Reduced border delays

                    -Participation in the war against terrorism