Why Choose Powerhouse Customs Brokerage?



Wealth of knowledge


    Powerhouse Customs Brokerage expertise translates to fewer shipment delays and reduced risk of penalties for its customers. Over 50 years of experience provides customers with direction, ensuring they are up-to-date on the most pressing trade regulations. When choosing a U.S. Customs broker, consider that Powerhouse is  renowned as a Customs expert.


Personalized Attention


    All incoming shipments are handled by a dedicated representative to ensure the clearing and release process is completed as soon as possible, as well as to eliminate having any unnecessary fines and delays.



Customized Billing


    We will create an invoice that works for you. Whether you need a consolidated summary invoice or detailed entry data, our focus is on you.



Full Transparency


    You will never have to worry about the status of your shipment. We  utilize technology that enables us to provide you with the most current updates. Our online system gives you full access to the progress of your shipments.

We give you the Power to Succeed